Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Condo Options in Monmouth Beach

Clients come to us and ask "What are the condo options in Monmouth Beach?" Although a town just one mile square, Monmouth Beach offers a blend that range from high rise condominiums on the beach and river to townhouses within walking distance to the beach and condo conversions, those condos that started their lives as garden complexes, which appear to owners on the lower end of the price scale.

The three high rise condominiums are the Admiralty, Shores and Channel Club. The Admiralty and Shores are located on the beach, while the Channel Club is located right by the Shrewsbury River. All three are full service condominiums and range in size from 120 apartments to over 200 apartments for the Channel Club. The views can are great and there are plenty of services, however, they don't allow dogs and seasonal rentals are not allowed.

Looking for something more affordable and still within walking distance to the beach? Try Wharfside, Breakwater Cove, Monmouth Commons or Sands Point South. Wharfside was once a garden complex and is a block from the beach and located on the Shrewsbury River. Prices start in the lower $200,000's for a one bedroom apartment. These two are pet restricted, but they do allow shorter term rentals, as long as they area at least three months.

Breakwater Cove and Monmouth Commons offer townhouse living (multiple levels in each unit) and are also a short walk to the beach. Prices for a one bedroom in Breakwater Cove start in the lower $300,000's, while prices for a townhouse in Monmouth Commons are generally in the $500,000's

That brings us to Sands Point South. Yes, there is also a Sands Point North, but we will get to that one shortly. Sands Point South offers one and two bedroom apartment style condominiums and is located on the Shrewsbury River about a quarter of a mile from the beach. Price for a one bedroom start in the upper $200,000's.

Last but not least is Sands Point North. This is a townhouse community, equally divided between one and two bedroom townhouses. Built in the 1970's, it was one of the first townhouse communities in the area. Not considered walking distance to the beach, a one bedroom here will start in the low $300,000's.

Got a question about the local real estate market? Feel free to ask. My 30 years of productive experience can help you make the right choice.

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