Friday, September 19, 2008

Turmoil on Wall Street Allows Obama To Get the Upper Hand

The recent turmoil has clearly blunted the momentum that John McCain developed from his selection of Sarah Palin and the Republican Convention. He had a nice run where he had Obama on the defensive and the polls were all going in his direction. He had the high ground and was shooting downhill.

That has all changed. McCain stumbled when the s**t hit the fan on Wall Street and Obama gained the advantage. Now the polls are all going his way. Is all lost for McCain.

Hardly. Despite the reversal in the polls, people are still uneasy about Obama and that makes him vulnerable. Poll after poll shows that people want a change in direction but are uneasy about Obama as the man to lead the way. McCain can get back on top by exploiting that fundamental weakness in his candicacy.

Obama has taken to mocking, belittling and otherwise demeaning his opponent. McCain can turn that around by hammering home the point that this behavior clearly demonstrates Mr. Obama's immaturity and lack of leadership in this troubling and challenging time.

He can also demonstrate, once again, Mr. Obama's poor judgment by highlighted the ecomonic advisers he has on his team. Two of his most trusted ecomonic advisers are former heads of Fannie Mae and were responsible for the policies at Fannie Mae that led it's collapse. Since Mr. Obama's resume has nothing on it that could be call an accomplishment, judgement is all he has. Time and time again, Mr. Obama gives us proof, through his associations and policy positions that his judgment is seriously flawed and makes him a dangerous person to put in the White House.

No doubt McCain finds himself shooting uphill, but the situation is reversable. He needs to keep hammering home that point that most Americans already know and makes them very uneasy. Mr. Obama lacks the judgment, experience and the policies to make him the person to lead us at this time.

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